Youths of today, leaders of an invisible tomorrow.

There is an adage which says that the youths are the future leaders of tomorrow. Since I was a child from my primary education through secondary education, that adage has continued to linger without being realized.

Whenever the politicians want to use the youths to achieve their political ambitions, they use that adage to deceive the youths. The youths follow sheepishly for peanuts. A good father is he that prays for his son to be greater than him.

My anger is on the youths who refuse to grow up. They chose to remain toddlers and being spoon-fed by their fathers. Beard babies on napkins. For a nation to grow and move forward, the youths must be active.

I have asked myself a thousand times if these youths are even READY to handle and stand up to their responsibilities if given the chance. What a rhetoric question indeed. I won't tell you my answer, ask yourself the same question and provide the answer yourself.

The youths of today are cyber youths. They keep five thousand ghost friends on Social media. They chat for five hours nonstop on Facebook but can't face their books for two hours. Gone are the days when young people pick up novels to read and brag with the number of novels they have read.
Nowadays young people brag with the number of likes they get for posting their pictures on the social media. 
Reading culture is in the mortuary long dead. When a car engine starts to malfunction, the owner needs to change the engine by getting a new one fixed for the car to be active once again. The youths are like care engines. The affairs of the nation cannot function effectively without the youths. 
Their youthful energy and exuberance is a driving force that steers a nation to greater heights. Before we start throwing stones and tantrums on our fathers and grandfathers who continue to sit comfortably on the sits of power for our misfortunes, let’s also remember to blame ourselves for our ignorance, nonchalant attitude and foolishness. The glory of the later house shall be greater than the former. 
The youths of today must stand up and be counted. In other nations, youths are elected into the parliament. In France, a young man was elected into office as the president of the nation. It is time for the youths to stand out from the crowd and be counted. 
Till then, I'll continue to stay in my abode and watch events as they unfold.

      Submitted by Oscar Eke  Author (Silent gods)

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Youths of today, leaders of an invisible tomorrow. Youths of today, leaders of an invisible tomorrow. Reviewed by Shadrach Ndu on September 20, 2017 Rating: 5

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