7 Don'ts For This Season. [PHOTOS]

Seven Don’ts For This Season.
It is Christmas season again, a period of euphoria and joyous celebrations, a season of razzmatazz where we celebrate the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. It is quit unfortunate that the reason for this season has been bastardized by so many. It has become a time where all sorts of evil occur.  Sincerely the season is not evil, the bad news you hear during this season is because the people lose their guards and defense mostly in this season which makes them prone and vulnerable to bad situations. In order to stay safe before, during and after this festive season, I would like to suggest to you Seven "Don’ts" for this season.

1. Don’t  Go Borrowing:

It pains me so much that a lot people automatically becomes spendthrifts and borrows money from friends and neighbors just to make their celebration a blast. They end up going bankrupt after the season which makes the first quarter of the new year become like a thug of war for them. My beloved, to stay safe, don’t spend recklessly, don’t use cash as if there is no tomorrow. Don’t go borrowing just to have a big show, manage what you have. Celebrate the little way you can.  Remember a borrower is a slave to the lender..

2. Don’t  Drink To Stupor:

No matter what your believe about drinking strong wine is. Whether you are a teetotaler (a zero alcohol  person), or not. Don’t let anybody lure you into drinking to stupor. If you must drink, drink responsibly. Stay active, and alert,  always remember not to mistake the smiles of an enemy for friendship. It is not everybody that smiles with you that means you well. Be vigilant don't fall a victim.

3. Don’t Drive Recklessly:

A lot of accidents that occurs during this season are not caused by witches and wizards from the victims villages. Recklessness has been the major cause of these ugly happenings. Whether you are a commercial driver, or a private vehicle owner traveling with family or alone,  drive defensively.
Don’t drive more than you can control, you are not driving to heaven except you intend to. Ensure your vehicle is in good working condition before you embark on any journey. Obey the high way codes and Stay safe.

4. Don’t Fight:

You will surely meet a lot of funny people on the way, in occasions, even in the neighborhood. 
They will surely rankle you in one way or the other. Please be yourself. Don’t fight no matter what the case maybe. #Avoid this trap and stay safe.

5. Don’t Keep Late Nights:

It is never advisable to stay out late at night. The night is mysterious, there are lots of unimaginable things that happens in the night. Studies has it that over 75% of evil occurrences took place in the dark nights. Stay safe dear, don't keep late hours. Remember, not everybody means you well.

 6.Don’t Eat Anyhow:

Like I said earlier, not everybody that laughs with you are your friends, some are wolves in sheep clothing. It is true that you can’t be careful enough but at-least get some good degrees of carefulness and pray for God to help you. 

7. Don’t Cheat On Your Spouse (Adultery/Fornication):

If I had started with this, I am sure a lot of people wouldn’t have read this piece till this point. Statistics has it that fornication and adultery is on the high side during this season.  You will see a lot of girls from the pit of hell on a mission to destroy homes, lives and destinies’. You will see a lot of cheap girls flaunt all over. You will as well see crazy boys ready to do anything to have you. If you are married stick to the marriage vows, If you are single respect the temple of the Holy Spirit. #Avoid this trap and stay safe.

Finally, I cannot exhaust all the safety tips for the season without including that you should always pray without ceasing and season like the scriptures suggests. 
#You may as well as well add to the list...
I wish you a merry Christmas and glorious new year 

WB: Shadrach Ndu M. (Hefty)

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