Meet :Zicstrings #D_singing_Bassist

       Meet Zicstrings popularly known as the singing Bassist (#D_singing_ßassist)  an ordained psalmist, song writer,  worship Leader and a multi - talented instrumentalist. He does wonders with His  strings.

Birth Name : Elijah Isaac Oheyeju. 
Nicknames: Zicstrings (#D_Singing_ßassist) 
DOB: 25th January 1992
From: Oju L.G.A of Benue state, Nigeria

He is a man  of God with a unique anointing for worship with the strings and his unique Voice accompanied by an unusual presence of the Holy Spirit that leaves souls lifted by the spirit in his ministration.  He is enthusiastic and passionate about serving God and bringing lost souls into God's kingdom, (through music).  His love for God has extended his music ministry in to the recording of His  personal Songs as inspired by the Holy Spirit. 
He is a graduate of Biology Education (Ed)  from federal university of Agriculture Makurdi, Class of 2016. He is indeed a blessing to His generation, He is out to redeem the desolation of His land and generation.
He is a man with Hefty views. 

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