Shadrach Ndu is a resourceful, highly passionate, incredibly gifted writer, leader with so much depth and clarity with a strong desire to achieve great feats. A youth centered coach intrinsically motivated to inspire and guide the young minds, he is endowed with practical knowledge of life applicable, result oriented  principles with other interests in music, blogging, writing. He is also a seasoned leader with an unflinching  passion for humanity, personal development and career advancement. His versatility and background in education sets him out as an instructor to behold and be heard.
 written by: Obia Promise Ako

Hefty Views Blog is a platform with eclectic materials and well articulated  articles from a team of seasoned writers and instructors with a singular goal of building, inspiring, transforming and re-informing, developing and empowering humanity to launch into the stupendously rich yet unexplored life... Through the vehicle of knowledge.
                                                                      written by: Obia Promise Ako
Hefty Views Blog intends to reach out to the world as well as reaching people out to the world simultaneously.To achieve this, we receive original well articulated articles from great minds with hefty and inspiring views about basic problems of life, Education, government, religion, motivational and inspirational clips and other forms of creativity.

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